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Suspension kits are a type of modification that is used to provide vehicles with a taller, more imposing appearance by lifting the suspension above the tyres. Also referred to as a lift kit, the raised suspension kit is typically reserved for use on trucks or jeeps. The lift also has a functional feature when it comes to off-road driving. Of course, some people choose to give their everyday sedans a lift for purely cosmetic reasons.

Generally, each type of vehicle requires a specific type of kit for safe lifting, regardless of vehicle size or style. This can make finding the ideal suspension kit a bit tricky. The kits themselves are also different. While some cars require a custom-fitted lift option, others simply need the addition of some lift blocks. Also, many styles of lift exist. Some lifts only provide a couple of centimetres or so of clearance, while others may raise the body of a vehicle by three or four times that. Understanding these options is essential when selecting the materials required for a proper raised suspension set-up.

More on a Raised Suspension Kit

A suspension kit is a series of parts installed on a vehicle to lift the body and power train above the wheel. This is done through the installation of a series of springs and other components. Most suspension kits come with multiple parts. With every millimetre a vehicle is raised, the performance and feel of driving changes. For this reason, it is often suggested that consumers begin with a small lift and work their way up to a large lift.

Legality of Suspension Kits

In some areas, there are rules regarding how high a vehicle can sit above the wheels. Additionally, some areas may not allow large trucks beyond a certain height to pass through, as a safety precaution. The South Australian Government, for example, has very specific rules regarding the use of suspension kits. They are first and foremost, not recommended, as they may decrease the ability of a driver to brake or take turns safely. However, it is permitted to raise a vehicle body by up to 55 mm above the tyre or wheel base. After a suspension kit is added, the Government of South Australia requires that the vehicle undergo and pass a roadworthiness inspection to remain street-legal.

Choosing the Right Suspension Kit

In order to select the right suspension kit for one's vehicle, it is critical to select an appropriate size and type. There are three different types of suspension lift kits, varying in height from 38.1 mm to 101.6 mm, approximately. There are also different kits for nearly every make and model of car. Suspension kits are not universal in nature; attempting to put the wrong style on one's vehicle can cause great damage and safety issues and render the vehicle illegal for driving on the roads of Australia.

Size Differences

There are three types of suspension lift kits, determined by size. In some parts of Australia, only certain vehicle height alterations are legal. Additionally, experts suggest that working up to a larger lift size gradually provides the driver enough time to get acquainted with changes in vehicle operation resulting from the added lift.

Suspension Lift Kit Size



Lifts the vehicle approximately 38.1 mm; inexpensive; easy installation; offers a subtle change in appearance.


Lifts the vehicle approximately 50.8 mm; slightly changes vehicle performance; not adequate enough for off-roading


Lifts the vehicle approximately 76.2 to 101.6 mm; perfect for off-roading; major appearance changes

After deciding how much of a lift is necessary and appropriate for one's vehicle, the next step is to seek the right lift for the vehicle. This means finding a lift that is specifically designed for an automobile's make, model, and year of origination.

Selecting the Right Make and Model

Always look for a lift kit that is compatible with the vehicle in question. This means selecting a kit that is designed for both the make and model of vehicle. If installation is attempted in the absence of these qualifications, there could be serious repercussions.

Installing the Raised Suspension Kit

It is possible for a savvy do-it-yourselfer to install a suspension kit. However, even those who plan to go it alone are well advised to have a mechanic on hand to review the work. Installing a suspension kit means working with some of the car's critical parts such as wheels, suspension, shocks, and brakes, and it is one job that should be handled expertly.

In addition to the proper kit, some do-it-yourselfers may need certain automotive tools to get the job done. The car must be jacked up and all four wheels must be removed. Some of the tools a consumer needs to just complete the basics include a U-bolt tool, two jacks, and vehicle grease. Having a whole battery of common car tools at one's disposal makes the task go by efficiently.

After a suspension kit is installed, it is recommended to jack the vehicle up again after driving 80 km and evaluate the installation. Some parts involved in the suspension kit may have become loose and require tightening. One must go through the same process again after driving 241 km and then periodically throughout the life of the vehicle.

Things to Look For in a Raised Suspension Kit

What is included in a suspension kit may vary based on the manufacturer as well as if the kit is new or used. There is really no reason not to purchase a quality used kit as long as one evaluates the pieces to be sure everything is in order. Almost everything in a lift kit comes in sets of two. Additionally, it is important to ensure that heavy-duty shock absorbers and sway bars are included in the kit. If these two components are not included, one must purchase them separately as they help to keep the vehicle intact and prevent reckless swaying from driving at the newly amped-up height. 

Buying a Raised Suspension Kit on eBay

To find the right suspension kit for your automobile on eBay, enter the terms related to what you hope to find on the website or browse through the eBay Deals page. When it comes to raised suspension kits, it is is a good idea to look for a kit for one's car, as kits are car-specific. For example, you may try a search term such as "Nissan Navara Lift Kit", if that is the car you need the kit for. Alternatively, you could type a general term, such as "Suspension Lift Kit", and use eBay's filtering options to narrow choices until you find what you need.

Lift kits generally consist of multiple, potentially heavy, components. Before committing to buy, it is important to get a total postage estimate for your area. You may want to avoid this issue altogether by seeking out listings with free shipping or finding a local seller who may allow you pick up the item and save on shipping.


Adding a bit of height to a vehicle is a common type of modification made possible through a raised suspension kit. As the name suggests, these make- and model-specific kits are designed to raise the suspension on a motor vehicle, making it appear higher. This modification serves a functional purpose by improving off-road driving performance. However, many drivers opt to have suspension kits installed on their vehicles for purely aesthetic purposes. Although trucks are the more common recipient of this type of modification, some cars also receive the treatment. Regardless of why a person chooses to install a suspension kit, having the right one is critical to ensuring safety, appearance, and proper performance. It is easy to find the right kit for a vehicle by knowing how to browse eBay's selection and utilise the website's functionalities effectively.

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